And it keeps coming - I am slowly reaching the point where I’m not sure I consider apps over PWAs a good idea. The UX is IMHO still superior, some hardware features require an app, but it’s just one big playing ground for potential privacy violations.

A complete shot in the dark but I am looking for the 1.0 version software for the Myo armband, for Mac. This device (by Thalmic Labs) has been discontinued but with the software I could still use it. I just can't find the software.

The installer name was myoconnect.dmg - and yes, I've googled.


„Janet Jackson had the power to crash laptop computers“ - this is one of the bugs I am glad I didn’t have to figure out :)

One day I will write a 5000 word blog post explaining that I only complain about things I really care about because I want them to be better. If I wouldn’t care I wouldn’t even waste 140 characters on them. This seems to be a strange concept not everyone understands :/

In addition to recent price cuts, today I further decreed: the warranty for all laptops sold is now 5 years, instead of 3. Warranties extended +2 years for people whose 3-year warranty were still valid today.

The laptops come with coreboot, which replaces proprietary BIOS/UEFI, and Debian Linux as the default operating system.

I sell coreboot, and coreboot accessories.

This will be a project that takes some time - laptop with a broken screen and keyboard will soon be rack mounted. Low power consumption and enough performance to get useful.

One thing I miss around here is the option to „quote tweet“ :/

I gifted my old 2070 super to our neighbors kid. His system crashed with an incompatible driver. He’s about to learn how to use DDU :D

Slack on the iPad mini is completely broken after a more recent update (not sure which as I barely use Slack on it) - constant resizing and rendering the UI, not a chance to even see if there are new messages.

Controlling the Source: Abusing Source Code Management Systems - fun attacks against GitHub enterprise, Gitlab, and friends
Presentation and code by @h4wkst3r

It’s the third tournament of and Blizz still uses white text on a light grey background to display player names. I have a feeling this will be an allegory for the state we’ll get OW2 in in a few weeks…

Thinking of hosting something on the Fediverse, but you don't know what to host?

Here is a curated list of applications for the Fediverse that are based on the ActivityPub protocol and related standards.

Everything from social media, blogs, all the way to micro services. Tons of ways for you to contribute.

Except dark mode some really useful extensions for Safari. What a sad state the internet is in that you have to pay $10-15 in apps and extensions to make it usable again… (depending on your as blocker preference) :(

I am running my Matrix server for nearly a year now and I got to say it’s working way better than expected. (16 daily active users)

The worst part are the clients, especially on mobile. Element is okay, but still not as user friendly as it should be to be an alternative for most. „ReViEw CoNnEcTiOnS“ I get it. But no. Same for the stupid verification of new clients with emojis because the QR code bugs.

Looking forward to try dendrite soon.

If you see me rage post this weekend it’s because I decided to dual boot Fedora next to Win 11 on my X1. I do not expect this to go smoothly.

(Yes I know $x is obviously the better distro. Yes I should not be running Win. Yes the X1 is bad. All good now?)

Instagram and FB shipping their own in app browser to track users. Please tell me more how giving companies like this more / less restricted access to a users device is beneficial for the user.

„How can we decentralize git“ is most likely the most on brand question from a crypto bro I will ever read. Perfectly tells you everything you need to know about people „disrupting money“ and „changing the world through technology“.

I got a portable 15“ screen when working on one of the servers and when I have to service a computer.

The iPad Pro can comfortable power it and it works well. Paired with stage manager this is a decent travel setup.

I just found out that @codeberg ia doing custom domain for pages. So you can host your pages on Codeberg and use your own domain. Lot of people stuck with GitHub because it provided pages. Now a lot of people can move to Codeberg and become free from GitHub. Amazing news.

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